Getting Started

Getting Started

gwebcmd allows loading and converting HTML, XML, JSON, CSV, and plain text data to CSV.

It includes universal parsers that you may tune to get the required data in the required format.

The commands are quite simple. For example:

gwebcmd.exe WebToCSV aapl.csv

You may separate download and convert commands like this:

gwebcmd.exe WebToText aapl.htm

gwebcmd.exe TextToCSV aapl.htm aapl.csv

Moreover, you may export task files from a database and use the simple command in batch files:

gwebcmd.exe TextToCSV @tickers.txt

You may add columns to CSV using special functions like this:

gwebcmd.exe WebToCSV aapl.csv /add=Symbol=AAPL;LoadDate=Date()

You may download data from any website including Yahoo Finance, Google Finance, and MSN Money.

See examples in the Examples folder of the downloaded package.

In short, you may save a lot of time using a universal parser utility.

You may start learning about gwebcmd on the following topics:

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