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Download and convert web data to CSV

Just specify the URL and the output file name.

gwebcmd downloads the page, extracts data and converts the data to CSV.

  1. gwebcmd WebToCSV http://www.nasdaq.com/symbol/aapl/dividend-history aapl.csv

Download data as is and parse downloaded files

You may download web data to local files and extract required data in several steps.

For example, financial report pages from Google Finance contain six reports.

  1. gwebcmd WebToText "https://www.google.com/finance?q=AAPL&fstype=ii" aapl.htm
  2. gwebcmd TextToCSV aapl.htm AAPL-IncomeStatement-Quarterly.csv /rootpath=2
  3. gwebcmd TextToCSV aapl.htm AAPL-Balance-Quarterly.csv  /rootpath=4
  4. gwebcmd TextToCSV aapl.htm AAPL-CashFlow-Quarterly.csv /rootpath=6

Automate your tasks in an easy way

gwebcmd supports task files that contain URLs, output file names, and parser parameters.

You may export task files from a database and use a simple command in batch files like this:

  1. gwebcmd WebToCSV @tickers.txt

Add columns to output CSV and customize output formats

gwebcmd has a lot of options frequently used for parsing web data.

You may add required columns and customize the output for further import to a database easily.

  1. gwebcmd WebToCSV https://finance.yahoo.com/q/hp?s=AAPL aapl.csv ^
  2.     /add=Symbol=AAPL;LoadDate=Date() /dateFormat=yyyy-MM-dd /separator=;

Download multiple pages in one command

gwebcmd is a smart tool with a long history. It detects next page URLs and can download all of them.

For example, you may load option chains from Yahoo Finance for all expiration dates at once:

  1. gwebcmd WebToCSV https://query1.finance.yahoo.com/v7/finance/options/AAPL aapl.csv ^
  2.     /rootPath=*.*.*.calls,*.*.*.puts /pages=20

You are ready!

Just try! You will like it.


Loading web data
Loading multiple pages
Converting HTML, XML, JSON, and CSV to CSV10 rows
Task files
Perpetual license, per copyFree$49$99
Subscription, 1 year, per copy$24$49
Commercial usex

Want more tools?

Try an SQL command line utility, gsqlcmd, that allows importing CSV data to databases.

Also, take a look at a specialized tool, Market.csv, that allows loading data from Yahoo Finance to databases.

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